CI – Check for a registry value.

Hey! Sooner or late some upper management come to you and ask if you can check your machines if they are infected of a registry key (often a virus). They also ask if you can post a nice report of this. So how do you do? Well, in my opinion, This is the best way. Configuration Item (In this case I’m looking for “HKLM:\Software\Classes\MJ” exist or not)

1. First, Go to your console -> Assets and Compliance -> Configuration Item
2017-09-04 10_55_37-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png

2. Right click “Create Configuration Item”
2017-09-04 10_56_20-Namnlös - Paint.png
3. Pick a good name for your CI
2017-09-04 09_27_45-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png

4. Go With Default settings, Next, Next, Summary, Close.
2017-09-04 09_29_19-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png

5. Right click on the CI, go to Properties> Settings and New
2017-09-04 10_03_32-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png

6. Do the settings like this
6.1 Name it to ” Check for a Registry Value”
6.2 Change Setting type to Script
6.3 Change Data type to String
2017-09-04 10_08_24-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png
6.4 Click on Discovery script
6.5 Script language to Windows Powershell, then copy this

function Get-Registrykey
    param ()

    Try {
    $Result = Test-Path "HKLM:\Software\Classes\MJ"

    ForEach-Object {
            If($Result -match "True") {
                $State = 1}
            ElseIf($Result -match "False") {
                $State = 0}
   catch {
   # Error hantering



2017-09-04 10_10_13-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png

6.6 Click on Ok
7. Go to the Compliance Rule Tab
2017-09-04 10_11_41-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png

8. Click on New
9. Then change the Following value to 1, and Check the box “Report noncompliance if this setting instance is not found. Then click on OK
2017-09-04 10_13_40-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png

10. Apply, Apply, Ok.
11. Go to Configuration Baselines, Create Configuration Baseline
2017-09-04 10_15_59-Namnlös - Paint.png

12. Name it to ” Check for a Registry Value
13. Click on Add, Configuration Item
14. Ok.
2017-09-04 10_18_27-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png

15. Right click on the baseline, then Deploy
2017-09-04 10_19_22-Namnlös - Paint.png

16. Do the settings like this,
16.1 “Check Remediate noncompliant rules when supported”
16.2 “Check Allow remediation outside the maintenance window”
16.3 Select a Collection that you want to run the script on.
16.4 Simple Schedule, 1 Time each day.
2017-09-04 10_20_05-Invid - ASG-RemoteDesktop 2017 - invjkp-sccm03 (Work Resources).png
16.5 Ok.
17. Now we are done, The clients will report back if the registry exists or not.

Also shared the Files here, if you just want to import the CI
CI – Check for a Registrykey

Thanks for reading.

One Reply to “CI – Check for a registry value.”

  1. Hello,

    I know this is a old post but can you urgent assist..
    I followed the exact steps on creating a CI & Baseline but all machines still report as non-compliant even though I know about 1000 machines have the KEY.

    I changed my “HKCU:\Software\HCS Company Microsoft Services\HOMAAS” – do I have to remove “Test-Path” before the actual path?

    I also did not select “Remediate noncompliant rule” when supported” and “Allow remediation outside maintenance window”

    Kindly assist


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