Windows as a Service

I were at the MMS this year, a really good conference about CM, Windows 10, Client management and much more. One of the sessions was about Windows 10.
I decided to explain a little more because I think its important.

First thing first. Microsoft releasing CB (Current Branch) of Windows 10 two times each year. Like you see below here.
2017-09-04 12_02_27-Windows 10  -  Skyddad vy - PowerPoint.png

As you see here its a lot of testing before releasing to Windows update. So your private PC getting the CB when it touches the red color.2017-09-04 12_05_46-Windows 10  -  Skyddad vy - PowerPoint.png

Patching in Windows 7, almost every company just patches Critical and Security. 2017-09-04 12_08_19-Windows 10  -  Skyddad vy - PowerPoint.png

But in Windows 10, you can choose. They release ONE big update every month, called Quality Updates. And a Feature Update every 6 months.
2017-09-04 12_10_11-Windows 10  -  Skyddad vy - PowerPoint.png

How do you patch best practice nowadays? Two types of Pilot groups.
1. Lab machines
2. Early Adopters, Volunteers, IT
Then go to the rest of your customers.
2017-09-04 12_12_53-Windows 10  -  Skyddad vy - PowerPoint.png

The biggest question, How much time each pilot group, the Best practice is like this.
2017-09-04 12_14_06-Windows 10  -  Skyddad vy - PowerPoint.png
2017-09-04 12_14_25-Windows 10  -  Skyddad vy - PowerPoint.png

It’s a new way of thinking. Think everyone should know this. So we all talk the same language when we speak about Windows 10.

Thanks for reading

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