Whats new in Windows 10 Spring Creators update 1803?

I’ll bring some things up that are new in 1803, that I think it will be useful in daily work

Diagnostics & Feedback

In Europe its a lot of talk about GDPR and security about the personal information. So when they are focusing on this part, I think many companies are very happy about this feature.
In Settings\Privacy\Diagnostics & Feedback you can see that they added Basic

It means that they dont send anything about your personal information and so on.

They even added an app “Diagnostic data viewer” that you can see what information sends to microsoft and the information that stays on the machine. So now they trying to be as transparancy as posible.
You can find the app just “Settings\Privacy\Diagnostics & Feedback aswell”, just scroll down.
2018-04-26 09_30_08-Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.flv - VLC media player.png

2018-04-26 09_31_29-Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.flv - VLC media player.png

Fun fact with this is that they are live data for example go and google something and go back here and you see what’s happening on the machine.


Focus Assist

If you are working very deep with something, like writing a blog post or just want not to get interrupted by colleagues.
You can set automatic rules, let say every morning from 08.00 – 09.00 I don’t want to get notifications and so on.
If you duplicating your display, let say you have an important presentation that you don’t wanna get spammed by colleagues, also possible to make a rule like this.2018-04-26 09_41_41-Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.flv - VLC media player.png

If you go to the Priority list, you can specify people that you wanna let through even you are on “focus assist mode”
2018-04-26 09_44_47-Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.flv - VLC media player.png

Task View

They have rebuild this button totally, you can find this in the left corner of your screen

The new one is working like this: It remembers what windows you have opened for as long as one month, so if you accidentally closed something you can go back here, and quickly find it.
On the right side you see a Timeline, so you can easily scroll down to a specific date.

That was all, for now, then its a bunch of other features but I think these three sticks out from the rest

Thank you for reading


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