Is Windows Powershell Complete? What about Powershell Core?

Just looked at a very exciting video with Jeffrey Snover, and its about Powershell.

Gonna recap this video in a few pictures for you guys.

He explains that Windows Powershell is done, no more “New features” and so on. Just security patches etc.

So whats happens now? They building a New Tool, called Powershell Core

Taking the best of Windows Powershell, and its no need of .net framework.


They finnally go “Open source” and run on Anything, even your dishwasher šŸ˜‰

To download this go to :

And you can remote “Windows powershell” from that tool. So dont be scared.

And like picture above, you can just
Import -module .\rModule.psm1 (Ofc you need to download that module first to your machine and its not available yet unfortunately)
Get-Command -Module rModuleĀ  (Ah Okay, we can write Get-rModule)
Get-rModule -ListAvailable -computername Localhost

Now its imported all the modules that are on the local machine. Then we take Applocker for an example.
So now
Import-rModule Applocker -computername Localhost
Get-Command -Module Applocker

And it Works.

Kinda cool huh?

Here’s the video if you wanna look at it:


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