Build and Import your perfect WIM file to SCCM with powershell

There are literally so many ways to inject patches to your WIM file nowadays, I’ve been done a little research and I find this way the most appropriate.
This guide is based on this blog:
but with a final touch on how to do almost everything with PowerShell, even import it to SCCM. Ok, lets go!

  1. Make a folder on the Site server example: “C:\WIM-Servicing”

  2. Download and unzip this file, WIM-Servicing (Includes two scripts

  3. Copy these two scripts to the ServerCapture.PNG
  4. Now its time to Mount the .ISO file to this server

  5. Copy the “D:\sources\install.wim” to this folder “C:\WIM-Servicing”
    D: is the mounted .ISO

  6. Now we need to download the .MSU files to your server, this step need some manually, unfortunately.

    In my enviorment, I want to patch the 1803 version with Cumulative, Stack update and Adobe Flash
    1. November 2018 – KB4467702 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems
    2. November 13, 2018 – KB4465663  Servicing stack update for Windows 10, version 1803
    3. November – KB4462930 Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10  Version 1803
    To find these patches you go to

  7. After you download them, make another folder in that WIM-Servicing folder, and name it to the month with first 3 letters.

  8. One important thing is to rename the stack update with a “1-” in the name. like this
    Because if the Cumulative patch injects before the stack update, it could cause problems. So make sure you change this. So the stack comes first!
  9. Now we have everything settle to start the progress, Open up the Service_WIM_Proper_Way.ps1, right-click and Edit.
  10. Change variables to match your wishes.
  11. Run the script.
  12. What’s happening now is
    * Injection of patches
    * Moving the .wim file to your location
    * Importing the operating system image to sccm

  13. So now you can distribute your .wim file, and ready to Test.

Good luck!

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