Collection inside Collections, A good view!

Sometimes you using the “Include collections” to much, and you wonder which collections they are into, and so on.

And just now, there is no good view of that. Until this day! no kidding, but made a nice script so you can dig further yourself! 🙂

I got inspired by this Post, thanks to Jordan Benzing

Here´s a scenario that could happen.
You have a bunch of collections, and you want to know which collection the “Vetlanda” collection is inside.

You can go to the other collections and look if you want, I don’t blame you 😉
Right click on them, then Members.

But this script I made, looking into the database, and you get a spreadsheet of every collection

  1. Ok, so now first, we need to download the script.

  2. Extract the files, and copy it to your CM Server. 

  3. Open the “Collection_Relations.ps1, because we need to change some Variables, Scroll down to Custom Variables.

  4. Change them so they match your environment
  5. Then save and close the script.

  6. Now to run the script, so go and execute the “Collection_Relation.cmd” file.
  7. And now we got a popup message that we simpely write in the Collection name that we want to look further into. Then press “OK”

  8. And now we get a look of every connection that collection is inside, (even excludes)
  9. Done!

    Hope your life is a little bit easier now!


One Reply to “Collection inside Collections, A good view!”

  1. Is there any way to do this from a computer other than the CM server. Or, better yet, incorporate this into Configuration Manager Console with SCCM Console Builder.


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