Regionalsettings with powershell! GPO solution


Couple a of months ago i posted a Regional settings post, it was about how to change regional settings through SCCM. This time I’m gonna show how you guys how you can do it properly through GPO.

One thing that you can have in mind if you trying to do the “intl.cpl,,/f:”C:\Windows\Temp\Country.xml” way of doing it. Its not supported anymore, unfortunately, and could stop working in further releases of Windows.

So I would recommend this way to handle your regional settings this way if you have an on-premise solution. Could work intune also, not tested, but let me know if it works

Here are the scripts, feel free to look around in them.

The first script we are gonna use is “RegionalSettings-Computer.ps1” to fix the “Unicode apps” of the machine (This is change by “Set-sytemlocale”)

  1. So first Go to GPO Editor, choose Startup Script to add the RegionalSettings-Computer.ps1
  2. Depending which country you want in the Unicode apps, just add the parameter:-Primary “sv-se”
    work with all-region tag syou can find region tags here:
    We need this as a computer GPO, because that command need to have administrative rights.
  3. Done with the first script.
  4. Now there is a couple of things that “RegionalSettings-User.ps1 does:
    First, its changes the Language order (Set-Winuserlanguageorder) ( you can choose a parameter with languages do you want, script support two languages.

    Then it changes the Format of the machine (Set-Culture) You can see the settings if you type in intl.cpl.

    After that it changes the location, so you get the news and weather information from that country you choose. (Set-WinHomeLocation)

    Then last it changes the Timezone, with the parameter also (C:\windows\system32\tzutil.exe /s)
  5. So now you go to the GPO editor, then add the “logon script” add the “Regionalsettings-User.ps1

    Then the most important thing, choose your parameter wisely to match your wishes:
    Like this
    -Primary “sv-se” -Secondary “en-us” -TimezoneID “W. Europe Standard Time”
  6. You are all done, try to log in and watch the magic!

    There is logging also in the script, all the logs is in the Event viewer under Powershell book
    Good luck

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